SSC Division

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The 2015 AJL annual conference will be held in Silver Spring, Maryland, June 21-24.

Proceedings and podcasts of the 2014 conference will be online shortly.

The SSC Division serves many types of institutions, including:

  • Synagogue libraries of all denominations
  • Libraries in Jewish day schools and Hebrew schools
  • Jewish Community Center libraries
  • Libraries serving Jewish organizations

The SSC division disseminates information, sponsors continuing education programs and outreach, and fosters communication and collaboration among members. There are a wide variety of resources available to our members:

  • The Hasafran electronic discussion list enables us to post queries and keep current on announcements and developments in the field
  • The AJL wiki provides many helpful tips on establishing and managing libraries of all types
  • The Jewish ValuesFinder helps us choose and evaluate titles for children and teens
  • The Bibliography Bank provides a wealth of tailored lists for acquisitions, book discussions, and subject research
  • AJL Publications include the informative quarterlies, AJL News and AJL Reviews which contains reviews of new titles (both adult and children’s books) and news about local and international developments in the field, and the scholarly journal Judaica Librarianship. Convention Proceedings are published after the annual convention and podcasts of the convention meetings are available online.
  • People of the Books is the official AJL blog which provides news, helpful links and other useful information to keep us constantly informed.

Networking opportunities abound. Among them are:

  • Attending the annual AJL Convention, held in a different city each year, is a wonderful way to meet others in our field, share information, and attend valuable lectures, workshops and courses that help us grow in knowledge and empower us to continue serving our institutions to the best of our abilities.
  • Local chapters of AJL include both RAS and SSC members and provide an opportunity to work with others in your geographic area and attend regional conferences.

Training and education in librarianship may span a wide variety of levels within the SSC Division. Those who need assistance in setting up and running their libraries, particularly volunteers, are encouraged to contact the Mentoring Committee. Under the umbrella of the SSC Division are three major committees: