STMA Application

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The 2015 AJL annual conference will be held in Silver Spring, Maryland, June 21-24.

Proceedings and podcasts of the 2014 conference will be online shortly.

I, freely and voluntarily submit my manuscript (from now on referred as "the ms") to the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL). My signature below shows that I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions which are prerequisite to the AJL's acceptance of this manuscript.

1. AJL accepts no responsibility for any unauthorized publication of this ms, whole or part, in any form of media at any time by any person or group for whatever reason.

2. I, the author, agree that at no time nor for any reason will any type of action be brought against AJL or its agents, officers or judges.

3. I, the author agree to waive any rights I may ever have against AJL that in any way relates to the original ideas or likenesses contained in this ms. I recognize that ideas are not unique nor are they able to be copyrighted and should any materials containing similar ideas or likenesses be published or produced at any time in any form by any company, I release AJL from any liability therefor.



The Association of Jewish Libraries is pleased to judge the Sydney Taylor Manuscript Competition and encourages your submission of the highest quality of work in the genre of Jewish children's literature. Sydney Taylor, in whose memory this award was established, began her writing career when the first of her All-of-a-Kind Family stories won a first-time publication and cash prize from Follett. Although AJL is not a publishing house and cannot guarantee publication, we expect that this competition—with its cash incentive and nationwide publicity—will launch many fine new children's writers on their careers in years to come and encourage the publication of outstanding new books with Jewish themes and universal appeal.

Return this form with manuscript:



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TITLE OF MANUSCRIPT: ______________________________________ ____________________________________

Please read the complete rules for submission before you send your manuscript and signed release form to:
     Aileen Grossberg
     204 Park Street
     Montclair, NJ 07042-2903

To help us improve our publicity, please indicate how you heard about the competition.

If your manuscript wins the competition, please list the newspapers and other publications you would like notified.