Past Conferences

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The 2015 AJL annual conference will be held in Silver Spring, Maryland, June 21-24.

Proceedings and podcasts of the 2014 conference will be online shortly.

The annual AJL conference (formerly known as the AJL convention) is a valuable way for Judaica librarians to share ideas, learn, and network with one another. The conference is held in a different North American city each year. 

Proceedings for the most recent past conference are available to AJL members.

Proceedings for the conferences held between 2001 and 2011 (which were called convention proceedings) are available to members and non-members alike.

Between 1996 and 2010, a distinguished Judaica librarian, archivist, or bibliographer delivered a plenary lecture at the Association of Jewish Libraries’ Annual Convention, as part of the Rosaline and Myer Feinstein Lecture Series.

Conference numberLocationYear
49Las Vegas, Nevada2014
48Houston, Texas2013
47Pasadena, California2012
46Montreal, Quebec2011
45Seattle, Washington2010
44Chicago, Illinois2009
43Cleveland, Ohio2008
42Scottsdale, Arizona2007
41Cambridge, Massachusetts2006
40Oakland, California2005
39Brooklyn, New York2004
38Toronto, Ontario2003
37Denver, Colorado2002
36La Jolla, California2001
35Washington, DC2000
34Boca Raton, Florida1999
33Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1998
32Cleveland, Ohio1997
31Toronto, Ontario1996
30Chicago, Illinois1995
29Atlanta, Georgia1994
28New York, New York1993
27Los Angeles, California1992
26Miami Beach, Florida1991
25Jerusalem, Israel1990
24Washington, DC1989
23Kansas City, Missouri1988
22Livingston, New Jersey1987
21Montreal, Quebec1986
20Cleveland, Ohio1985
19Atlanta, Georgia1984
18Long Beach, California1983
17Columbus, Ohio1982
16Liberty, New York1981
15Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1980
14Cincinnati, Ohio1979
13San Francisco, California1978
12Waltham, Massachusetts1977
11Montreal, Quebec1976
10Miami Beach, Florida1975
9Chicago, Illinois1974
8Los Angeles, California1973
7Toronto, Ontario1972
6Jerusalem, Israel1971
5New York, New York1970
4Atlantic City, New Jersey1969
3Cincinnati, Ohio1968
2Boston, Massachusetts1967
1Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1966