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Proceedings of the 36th Annual Convention of the Association of Jewish Libraries

La Jolla, California, June 24-27, 2001

Compiled by Laurel Wolfson and Barbara Leff

© 2001 by the Association of Jewish Libraries
ISSN: 1525-4496

All material in this publication subject to copyright by the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) may be photocopied for the non-commercial purpose of educational or scientific advancement. Requests for permission to reprint articles should be sent to AJL.

Publication of material in the AJL Proceedings does not constitute official endorsement by the Association of Jewish Libraries.

Table of Contents


Title page and verso

Book Awards

2000 Reference & Bibliography Awards
Introduction by Rita Saccal, Chair
Reference Book Award: History and Guide to Judaic Dictionaries and Concordances by Shimeon Brisman
Presentation of award by David Hirsch; acceptance speech read by Bella Hass Weinberg, with comments
Bibliography Book Award: Bratslav: An Annotated Bibliography by David Assaf
Presentation of award by Rita Saccal; acceptance speech read by Rita Saccal

2000 Sydney Taylor Book Awards
Introduction by Linda R. Silver, Chair
Sydney Taylor Book Award for Older Readers:The Key is Lost by Ida Vos
Presentation of award by Linda R. Silver; acceptance speech read by Terese Edelstein, translator
Sydney Taylor Book Award for Younger Readers: Gershon's Monster: A Story for the Jewish New Year written by Eric R. Kimmel, illustrated by Jon J Muth
Presentation of award by Linda R. Silver; acceptance speeches by Eric R. Kimmel and Jon J Muth

Sessions and Papers

Accreditation: Blueprint for Your Library's Future by the AJL Accreditation Committee
Tuchman, Helene (Chair): Philosophical and Professional Principles Used in Reviewing the Applications
Gold, Etta D.: Review of the Documentation: Mission Statements, Collection Development, Job Descriptions, etc.
Dublin, Anne: The Application Process (From the Point of View of Applicant)
Frischer, Rita C.: How It All Began ...

Adler, Elhanan: The Digitization Project of the Jewish National and University Library: Progress Report 2001

Amir, Michlean: From Memorials to Invaluable Historical Documentation: Using Yizkor Books as Resources for Studying a Vanished World

Automation: A Live Comparison of Three Hebrew-Capable Library Systems
Adler, Leah: VTLS
Ferdman, Glenn & Kathy Bloch: Aleph 500 Series, ver. 12.4
Miller, Paul A.: Innovative Interfaces (Millennium Integrated Library System)

Banks, Cheryl: Best Holocaust Videos for Children

Belinfante, Randall: Building a Sephardic Library

Bell, Lenore & Joan Biella: Library of Congress Cataloging Update
Bell, Lenore: Subject Cataloging
Biella, Joan: Descriptive Cataloging

Bringing Diversity to Your Collection
Ohnstad, Michelle: The Secular School Library
Levy, Norma: The Public Library

Cataloging Issues (dedicated to Rosalie Katchen z"l)
Lerner, Heidi: In Memory of Rosalie Katchen: A Tribute Delivered on June 24, 2001
Biella, Joan: Authority Work in Ruritania
Miller, Caroline R.: Cataloging Internet Resources Using the OCLC CORC System: The UCLA Experience
Schiffman, Marlene: Cataloging Archival Materials for the History of the Jews of Europe: The Louis Lewin Collection at Yeshiva University

Cummins, June & Naomi Toder: The Jewish Child in Picture Books? (presentation by June Cummins)

Dublin, Anne, Ellen G. Cole, & Enid Sperber: Creating a Chapter Newsletter with Content, Bite and Heartwarming Chatter

Erlich, Rachel: There's a Lot Going On in the Library (poster session)

Felder, Leonard: An Author's Perspective on What Makes an Outstanding Librarian

Freedman, David Noel: The Nine Commandments

Friedman, Richard Elliott: What Should a Commentary Comment On?

Hirsch, David: Latin American Jewish Websites

Kimmel, Eric A. & Jon J Muth: Migrations of a Tale: Gershon's Monster

Kline, Eric Chaim: Gifts, Deaccession, and Appraisals

Landau, Rebecca: Bar Coding a Library: Issues and Concerns (poster session)

Leff, Barbara Y.: Planning to Automate Your Synagogue, School, or Center Library?(Included in appendices are a List of Selected Library Management Software for Small Libraries by Susan Dubin and Overview by Cindy Gerecht.)

Lerner, Heidi: Teaching Electronic Resources for Research in Jewish Studies: A Workshop for Use in the Academic Library

Levine, Janice Resnick: Children's Hebrew Books: What's Available, Where to Find Them, and How to Catalog Them

Levy, David B.: Ancient to Modern Jewish Classification Systems: An Overview from the Beit HaMikdash Temple Archive to H.A. Wolfson, G. Scholem, A. Freidus, D. Elazar & LC

Levy, Nomi: Video Screenings at the AJL Convention 2001

Levy, Norma: First Aid for Books (poster session)

Librarian as Teacher: Lessons to Use in Your Classroom
Glasser, Rachel K.: Library Skills, Reference, Reading, and Folklore
Berman, Susan: Enhancing Current Curriculum with Technology

Meyers, Dr. Charles: Dr. Hector Nuñes: Dedicated Patriot and Despised Alien

Stabler, Elizabeth F.: Starting & Running Book Discussion Groups: Reading Groups and Reading Selections, Including What Constitutes a "Jewish Book"

Starr, Kevin: Library of California: An Electronic Network of California Libraries

Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee: Jewish Children's Books in the New Century: What's Hot? What's Not? Linda R. Silver (Chair), Kathleen Clotfelter, Etta Gold, Fred Isaac, Naomi Morse, Libby White

Temko, Florence: Hands-On Jewish Origami (public presentation)

White, Libby: In the Shadows of the Inquisition: The Jews of Colonial Mexico and Their Uncertain Legacy

Appendix: 36th Annual AJL Convention Program (La Jolla, California, June 24-27, 2002; convention co-chairs: Barbara Sutton and Nomi Levy)