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Proceedings of the 38th Annual Convention
of the Association of Jewish Libraries

Toronto, Ontario, June 15-18, 2003

Compiled by Joan Biella and Elana Gensler

© 2003 by the Association of Jewish Libraries
ISSN: 1525-4496

All material in this publication subject to copyright by the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) may be photocopied for the non-commercial purpose of educational or scientific advancement. Requests for permission to reprint articles should be sent to AJL.

Publication of material in the AJL Proceedings does not constitute official endorsement by the Association of Jewish Libraries.

Table of Contents

Title page and verso (.pdf)

2002 Reference Award

Malka, Jeffrey. Sephardic Genealogy: Discovering Your Sephardic Ancestors and Their World (.pdf)

2002 Bibliography Award

Saltzman, Roberta. Isaac Bashevis Singer: A Bibliography of His Works in Yiddish and English, 1960-1991 (.pdf)

2002 Sydney Taylor Awards

Hershenhorn, Esther, award winner for younger readers (.pdf)

Levine, Karen, award winner for older readers (.pdf)

Groner, Judye and Madeline Wikler, Body-of-Work Award winners (.pdf)

Academic Cataloging

Adler, Leah. Yeshiva University Implements the VTLS VIRTUA Integrated Library System (.pdf)

Goldberg, Marcia. Authority Control: Creating a Policy/Training Syllabus (.pdf)

Antisemitic Culture

Polger, Mark Aaron. Rewriting the Holocaust Online: A Discourse Analysis of Holocaust Denial Web Sites (.ppt)
Abstract and biography (.pdf)

Award Winning Children's Books

Jewish Children's Literature: What's Hot and What's Not? (.pdf)

Canadian Judaica Collections

Jones, Faith. Yiddish Books in the Canadian Hinterland: Some Collectors and Collections in Western Canada
(Note: this is a 2.3 MB file and may take about 10 minutes to download with a dial-up connection)

Freshman Seminar

Part I: Developing a Children’s Collection
Linda Silver (.pdf)

Part II: Developing an Adult Collection; Promoting Your Library
Developing an Adult Collection: Cheryl Banks (.pdf)
Promoting Your Library: Liza Stabler (.pdf)

Part III: Acquisition Practices
Susan Berson (.pdf)
Etta Gold (.pdf)

Part IV: Cataloging Principles
Rachel Glasser(.pdf)

Holocaust Material for Young Patrons

Shore, Lesley. Anne Frank in Life & Death: Teaching & Learning the Lessons of the Holocaust (.pdf)

Jewish Fiction and Accessibility of Judaica Materials

Reisner, Rosaline. Fiction Bonanza: New Adult Jewish Fiction in 2002 and 2003 (.pdf)

Jewish Values

Dublin, Anne. Teaching Jewish Values Through Literature: A New Curriculum Unit (.pdf)

Silver, Linda. Introducing AJL's New Jewish Valuesfinder (.pdf)

JNUL Projects and Prospects

Duke, Rosalind. The Jewish National & University Library: Reflections on the Past, Plans for the Future (.pdf)

Adler, Elhanan. Digitization of the Early Hebrew Press (.ppt)
(This is a 1.4 MB file and may take about 10 minutes to download with a dial-up connection)
Abstract and biography (.pdf)

Joint AJL/ALA/CLA Program

Sigal, Goldie. Judaica Resources at McGill University (.pdf)

Meet the Authors/Illustrators

Brown, Paul. On the Writing of Shayna's Shadows

Kaplan, Vivian. On the Writing of Ten Green Bottles (.pdf)

Ungar, Richard. Heaven & Chelm: Writing & Illustrating the Jewish Folk Tale (.pdf)

R&S Collection Development Panel

Baker, Zachary. Slavic Judaica Revisited (.pdf)

Resources on Jewish Women

Tallan, Cheryl. The JPS Guide to Jewish Women, 600 B.C.E.-1900 C.E. (.pdf)

Sephardic Jewry

Belinfante, Randall. Resources for Research on Jews of Arab Countries (.pdf)

Special Judaica Collections in Canada

Sigal, Goldie. The Joe Fishstein Collection of Yiddish Poetry: Description and Access (.pdf)

Walfish, Barry. The Otto Schneid Archive of Jewish Art at the University of Toronto (.pdf)

Special Library Collections

Belling, Veronica. From Cemetery to Cyberspace: The Riddle of the Holocaust Era Collection at the University of Capetown (.pdf)

Camenietzki, Kerstin. The John and Molly Pollock Holocaust Collection at Centennial College, Scarborough, Ontario (.pdf)

Yiddish Music

Bell, Naomi. Yiddish Folksongs: A Mirror of Life (.pdf)