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Library Snapshot Day 2012

How many people visit the library in a single day?

How many books does the library have?

How many books circulate per day?


Help answer these questions for patrons by participating in AJL's Library Snapshot Day!

Library Snapshot Day is a collaborative and creative project that captures the diversity of our library services and informs patrons about our hard work and programming throughout libraries in synagogues, community centers, day schools, universities and other institutions. The final project will not only feature our facilities, but inform the public about our year-round resources and commitment.


This is a unique advocacy tool that will display the impact of our Judaic libraries through a combination of library snapshots and AJL library statistics. During Hanukkah, we will publicize the photographs and stats on our blog, Facebook page, Twitter, through press releases, and via ALA. This powerful portrait will show patrons the gift they have given to themselves: the library!


How to participate:

1) Email me, AJL PR Chair Danielle Winter, at to let me know of your interest. (I'd like to have a rough estimate of how many libraries plan to participate in the project).

2) Pick a single day between November 1st-14th, 2012 and record for that day only:
a) how many books circulated, being borrowed and returned (in-house materials may be included.)
b) how many people stepped through the door.
c) how many reference questions were answered.
d) how many volumes of books the library owns.
e) how many programs were happening in the library that day (reading groups, book clubs, etc.)

3) Take some pictures of patrons engaging in the library, but you must ask permission from the patron first. The photographs may be displayed in the final presentation online.

4) Have five of your regular patrons write (or type) a brief comment about why they love their library.

5) Email the statistics, photographs and patron responses (results from step #2-4) to me at by November 15, 2012.


I encourage you to participate within all elements of the project, but if that is not possible, any information you can share about your “Day in the Life” of your library will contribute greatly to AJL’s Library Snapshot Day. In 2010, 30 libraries participated and it would be great to see many more represented!

I look forward to your participation. If you have questions or comments about this project, do not hesitate to contact me!

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