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Entries for ' Jewish history'

Only through knowledge and understanding can another Holocaust be prevented. Dr. Babaknia's four volume work on the Holocaust in Farsi is a 2013 AJL Judaica Reference Award Honorable Mention winner.

Presented by Dr. Ardashir Babaknia at the 2013 AJL Conference in Houston, TX.

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The "Kitab-i Qissah'namah-i Hizaro Yik Shab" is a Judeo-Persian book published in 1915 in Kokand, Uzbekistan. Princeton University Library recently acquired volume two. Yaari has no record of it, and it seems not to be represented in any other library. The book is a translation or transliteration of stories from the "Thousand and One Nights," a cultural artifact which is not indigenous to Persian, Jewish or Uzbek culture. This paper considers the conditions that made this most unlikely book possible.

Presented by James Weinberger at the 2013 AJL Conference in Houston, TX.

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While most "law" books in Hebrew characters are either Jewish, or in recent years, Israeli law, there are some odd exceptions. These are books written in a Jewish language, probably Hebrew but perhaps Yiddish, on the non-Jews' legal system. Some reflect an author trying to inform the Jews of the non-Jews' laws that might recently have become applicable to them, or to discuss their impact in a language that was more familiar and perhaps allowed more freedom than writing in a language that could easily be read by the non-Jewish population. While these books may be important for studying legal history, they are largely inaccessible to mainstream legal scholars due to being in Hevbrew script, and the context would bwe hard to appreciate by Judaica scholars lacking legal training, though their very existence is perhaps an interesting source for studying how Jews related to the non-Jewish environment.

Presented by Aaron Kuperman at the 2013 AJL Conference in Houston, TX.

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This session explores select 20th and 21st century American publications for laypeople dealing with the observance of Jewish dietary laws, while highlighting various formats, developments and concerns.

Presented by Tina Weiss at the 2013 AJL Conference in Houston, TX.

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In this 150th year commemoration of the Civil War, Levin and Bermatt focus on such burning questions as which side Jews supported and how critical issues of this period impacted the Jews. They share the trials of Jews in the North and South and their contributions to this national watershed event.

Presented by Bea Levin and Suzanne Bermatt at the 2012 AJL Conference in Pasadena, CA.

46 min 04 sec

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A Jewish presence in China can be traced back to the Tang period in the 8th century. In modern history, the rise of anti-Semitism in Russia and Eastern Europe in early 19th century and the Holocaust propelled waves of Jews to North and South China. These historical events have been researched and updated by Jewish people ever since their gradual departure from China in the beginning of the 1950s. This presentation provides details on Chinese records of Jewish "guest dwelling" in China.

Presented by Teresa Sun at the 2012 AJL Conference in Pasadena, CA.

43 min 04 sec

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While the names of two Major League Baseball Hall of Famers, Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax, easily spring to mind even for those impervious tot he US national pastime, according to baseball "halakhah," over 150 Jews have swung bats, tossed balls, and wielded leather in the North American major leagues. Many others were minor leaguers, executives, sportscasters, sportswriters, and authors. There is even a new baseball league in Israel. We examine a number of Web resources dealing with the abundant Jewish participation in the grand old game.

Presented by Elliot H. Gertel at the 2011 AJL Convention in Montreal, Quebec.

37 min 02 sec

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